Magnatune es un sello grabador que funciona a través de Internet, con un buen catálogo musical y una forma de operar que ojalá esté anunciando el futuro. Lo que sigue está tomado de su página de “grandes ideas“:

  • all music should be shareware. Just as with software, you want to preview, evaluate, and pass along good music to others–in the process of buying it.

  • find a way of getting music from the musician to their audience that’s inexpensive and supports musicians. Otherwise, musical diversity will continue to greatly suffer under the current system where only mega-hits make money.

  • musicians need to be in control and enjoy the process of having their music released. The systematic destruction of musician’s lives is unacceptable: musicians are very close to staging a revolution (and some already have).

  • creativity needs to be encouraged: today’s copyright system of “all rights reserved” is too strict. We support the Creative Commons “some rights reserved” system, which allows derivative works, sampling and no-cost non-commercial use.

Y si el futuro no es así, entonces (tal vez mejor aún) debería ser como propone la Electronic Frontier Foundation.

(Es una pena que estas cosas estén sólo en inglés, y provengan invariablemente de los EE.UU. ¿Existe algún sitio donde haya materiales así en castellano? ¿No sería hora de tener alguna ONG que se ocupe?)

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