2002: The Year the Science Fiction Died


2002: The Year the Science Fiction Died (Locus Magazine). “On March 5, 2002, science fiction became 76 years old, and 76 years currently also happens to be the average life expectancy of an American citizen. (…) The generations of readers who were first captivated by science fiction before 1960, when it was primarily a print-based medium, are now collectively reaching an age when their deaths can be expected, and the authors they cherished are collectively in the same position.” En los últimos meses murieron, como señala el artículo, Damon Knight, R. A. Lafferty, George Alec Effinger y otros. (Gracias a Marcial Souto por el link.)


Hay que aclarar que, diez años más tarde, y a modo de ejemplo, Ray Bradbury (90 años) y Jack Vance (95) siguen estando.

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